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Data processing policy

The following data processing policy is developed in compliance with the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 by which general provisions are issued for the Protection of Personal Data.


In compliance with article 9, the prior and informed authorization of the owner is required for the processing of their personal data. For this reason, by accepting this policy, any owner who provides information about their personal data is consenting to the processing of their data by AMERICAN SCAN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS SAS , under the terms and conditions governed by it.


We carry out the processing of personal data of our customers, suppliers, employees and interested parties which are contained in automated and manual databases and are processed for administrative, accounting, tax, commercial, labor and contact purposes within the framework of each contract established.

For the exercise of Habeas Data, you as the owner of the personal data or who demonstrates a legitimate interest in accordance with the provisions of current regulations, may do so by contacting AMERICAN SCAN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS SAS , through the email david.gutierrez@american-scan .com or directing a communication to the following physical address: Cra45A # 15 sur 15 office 802 Xerox Building. Medellin Colombia.

Whoever exercises the right of habeas data must indicate precisely the contact information requested in order to process and attend to their request and deploy the charges for the exercise of their rights.

Once the request to exercise Habeas Data is received, AMERICAN SCAN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS SAS will have a response term in the legal term of fifteen (15) business days, which may be extended for eight (8) additional days, prior communication to the person who has exercised this right.

In case of not receiving the due response from AMERICAN SCAN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS SAS , you may file a complaint with the SIC in Bogotá.

The treatment of personal data carried out by AMERICAN SCAN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS SAS  According to this policy, it will be done based on the standard, procedures and instructions adopted by this institution for compliance with the legislation applicable to the protection of personal information, which can be consulted in the Legal Framework for the Application of the Standard in Management and Personal data protection.

This data processing policy is in force since January 1, 2018.

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